Sound healing

with DJ Flare

Sound Healing ~ Sound Immersion

 Workshops & Journeying

Workshops & Group events

Sound Journeying

Music as medicine. Take the stress out of your week with sound healing sessions. Dj Flare has been using music as medicine all her life and will bring you to your quiet healing place. Her sound healings bring a special sound and space to a sometimes chaotic world, and teach you how to reach deep inside for the healing you need.

DJ Entertainment

DJ entertainment & sound healing for events, night clubs, festivals.

DJ Flare offers Professional dj’ing services, As the DJ she will raise the atmosphere to party mode and have your event on a high In her sound immersion performances and sound healing journeying workshops she will soak you in the healing vibration of music and sound,

Sound Healing @ Festivals

Irene sound healing.  DJ Flare supplies a sound healing experience at festivals  in a performance from the stage. She can start your day or bring in the night.

Music Medicine

We Deliver

DJ Flare offers enguaging DJ entertainment, from dance to trance DJ Flare will  add atmosphere to any event 

Sound Healing Journeying

Flare’s sound journeys will enable you to take yourself into a place of calm and clarity and is available as workshop form, or festival performance

Professional DJing services

DJ Flare brings sound healing to your festival, wind down with sound immersion 

Sound Healing with DJ Flare

Sound Healing with DJ Flare

Our Workshops

Our workshops take you on a journey inwards, the vibration of sound soaks your cells and creates the perfect space to bring healing into your life.

DJ Flare

you can catch DJ Flare on the Helix stage at the DNActivated music festival 20th -22nd of December

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