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DJ Flare  

DJ Entertainment & Sound healing

DJ Entertainment

Dance, Trance, Techno, Psytrance. 

DJ Flare offers DJ ing entertainment for events, night clubs and festivals.

Professional dj’ing services, DJ Flare is based in Sydney and has DJ’d  at major festivals and events , her DJ performance has taken her to  Ibiza and other exotic locations. DJ Flare will raise the atmosphere of your festival or event to high energy party mode and have your audience reaching for the sky on a musical high.

dj Sound Healing

Performance & Workshops

DJ Entertainment

Sound Healing journeying workshops and performances at your festival,

DJ Flare can take the stress out of your fest, with sound healing workshop performances.  From the stage she takes the audience on a sound healing journey. Dj Flare brings her healing sounds to soothe and bath, its the best way to wind down a festival or night of entertainment.

Sound Healing @ Festivals

Irene sound healing DJ Flare supplies a sound healing experience at festivals. She can start your day or bring in the night. 

We Deliver

DJ Flare offers enguaging DJ entertainment, from Dance, Trance, Techno, Psytrance to calming sound immersion.  DJ Flare will  add atmosphere to any event

Sound Healing Journeying

Flare’s sound journeys will enable you to take yourself into a place of calm and clarity and is available as workshop form, or festival performance

Professional DJing services

DJ Flare brings sound healing to your festival, she can lead the audiance from the stage and walk them through a sound immersion experience, 

Sound Healing with DJ Flare

Sound Healing with DJ Flare

DJ Flare

Dance till you drop to the sounds of DJ Flare

Dance, Trance, Techno, Psytrance., bringing you all the big names and alternative grooves to rock your event

DJ Flare

you can catch DJ Flare on the Helix stage at the DNActivated music festival 20th -22nd of December

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